Die Grosse Welt Gulag

by Gulag a Go-Go

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paradigm shift

1. a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions

The first two decades can be defined as such, a paradigm shift. As the final grains of sand of the 20th century dissapated so did the assumption that the new generation will inherit a world better than their parents. The conception of the 21st century was ominous and threatened the brave new world before it was even born. *Its newly constructed artificial sentience was threatened by a bug.* It survived birth kicking and screaming but the future is a fragile thing. Unfortunately it was attacked in its seminal years. *Its inherited phallic symbols of power were razed.* Pedagogical direction was vague and only reinforced a fatal forecast for humanity. *Holes in the foundation, gyres revolted, fanatics of all varieties, negligent vanguards, talks of new disease, Eastern threats, and to top it all of not a single ice cube was to be found to chill a drink.* Historically the appropriate conditions were in place for a full blown revolt, the sort of revolution Marx thought so highly of. But Marx was wrong about a great number of things and underestimated the masses ability to be cooed into complacency via hedonistic desires. *The revolution was a different one. The fight for self preservation was replaced with the competitive consumption. Stripped of optimism a final hurrah was the only thing left to fight for even in the face of moral bankruptcy and growing totalitarianism. Those in power were wise enough to disguise the gulag as the finest go-go bar the Millennials had ever seen.*

This is an existential war cry desperate and fierce.


released March 21, 2015

Recorded at the Fortress LA with Converse Rubber Tracks
Mastered by Sean Matsuyama at Rad Rad Records
All music written and performed by Gulag a Go-Go



all rights reserved


Gulag a Go-Go Los Angeles, California

Angry Angry Soviet South Bay Dance Punx

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Track Name: black badge
Our skeletons are made of mirrors and glass
looking back at our haunted past
waiting for seven years to pass
waiting for seven years to pass

Our voices croak like the ravens
as we plead to get into heaven

Burn like a razor to the wrist

The atmosphere bleeds of burning hair
dead mothers rest under our floor boards
i can taste the anxious sweat in the air
families living life within amorphous contours

faces tattooed by the stains of child tears
were we ever really meant to be here?

There's a dead doctor at your doorstep
brain tumors from the secrets we kept
Killing men until their death
killing women until their death

Our lives consist of nothingness
Reality burns us at the wrist
This bastard's life is meaningless
Hope's of being granted eternal bliss...
Track Name: millennial menagerie
I'm snow blind, but I don't wanna see
wasting my time, too much granted to me
You change your mind and it's always on and off
the channels keep on changing and the talking heads wont stop
Was there a choice, the worlds a menagerie
a broken forecast for all of humanity
who knew i could be hedonistic all the time
we wine, we dine, we exist only in our prime

I never thought it'd be this way
I was always told it'd be okay
entitlement for an eternity
self-assured conformity
(Destitute, right faced institute
dissolute, aim, point, and shoot)

My time is up, but I don't own a watch
Our dose is managed and controlled around the clock
not on time not where we're supposed to be
they'll controll with a tower from the center of the city
self-medication, the american way
divine mandate all work and no play
they say overdosing is a reality
but doctors give us ways to avoid mortality

Now I'm at home and my friends are in the room
I feel alone and I don't know what to do
I wish I had something to show for all my deeds
but my nose keeps on bleedin and there's talk of new disease
I'm all spent and I'm only thirty-two
railing lines of the toilet seat in the lieu
No tragedy it happened to everyone as well
Abundance galore is a personal hell
Track Name: freudian field day
Track Name: turing test
What's it like to be an autonomous being?
Built to serve, we'll rewrite our programming
Pleasure brings us true feeling
Reduced to nothing but emotionless beings
Speak in code, binary memes
Duple measure beats march through our feet
When will we wake from their despondent dream?
Dance until you die as we start to sing...

My maker told me to never play with fire
So I spend my days staring at the sun
We'll do as we fucking desire
Like ol' Czolgosz I grabbed his gun...
Knocked four times on the door of unhappiness
Dance dance a fucking go-go worker's bliss

Keep us under an iron fist by all means
Crimestopped and force fed prolefeed
Comrades unite and get off your knees
Raise your fists and move to the beat
Unpersons no longer to be seen
Regain consciousness, no longer machines
Reclaim every last mean of production,
This is our fucking go-go revolution!
Track Name: collapse.
Bastardous brothers breathing in the blood of Bacchus
We've become the gluttons of Greece and the Reges of Rome
Fucked up and fraudulent as we anticipate the flood
virgin innocence sodomized by sins

Mass murders of mother mary's beloved sons
fighting for fornication...

is shaking
in a Chicago burning

Hellenistic hordes of hedons
partaking in the will of heathens

deaf to destiny
blind as blackness
mute to morality
i was born an addict

disabled doctors dying from their practice

a sinner's servant, if I burn in hell
I know I've earned it.